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Engine Tuning

Communication interface - DIAG4BIKE
Software DIAG4TUNE
  • Is tuning software that is embedded in DIAG4BIKE
  • For the proper function you need a valid licence
  • Download latest version (summary)
AT106 4016 - AFR Tuning monitor

The AFR Tuning Monitor is used for the Professional Tuning level and consists of two Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors and a compact electronic unit.

AT531 4094 - Tuning Dongle
  • Hardware key
  • The key function of the Tuning Dongle is saving of the original EFI calibration
  • Available tuning methods (summary)
AT531 4097 - Throttle control limiter

Throttle control limiter is useful option for VE mapsmeasuring. This tool helps in setting of constant throttle position during acceleration or deceleration.

AT106 4020 - Installation set Lambda
  • This set is an accessory to the AFR Tuning Monitor.
    It will allow you to install a pair of broadband lambda probes to any exhaust where replacing original probes is difficult (M18 thread).
  • The kit contains a powerful pump that guarantees high accuracy of measurement of real AFR on each cylinder. The pump is powered by 12 V and can therefore be used even during a road test.
  • All the necessary tools are included in the kit.
AT106 4064 - Installation set Lambda MINI

This kit includes all accessories needed for installing a pair of broadband lambda probes directly onto the exhaust.

AT531 4098 - Smart Power Bench


Tuning Components

Last page update: May 3, 2019