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Our aim is to provide the user of DIAG4BIKE with a diagnostic tool that is comparable to the original diagnostic equipment for the brands in terms of common diagnostic operations.

It enables the user to perform diagnostics of electronic fuel injection modules and others (i.e. security modules, ABS etc.) throughthe diagnostic connector on the vehicle.The kit contains a communication interface with the necessary adapter(s),a USB cable for connection to your laptop (or PC) and diagnostic software that is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. There is also a wireless Bluetooth version of the communication interface available.



Open prospectus
Open prospectus
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Open prospectus
  November 30, 2017 (1.7 MB, pdf)


Communication interface


AT532 5006 - Communication interface USB AT532 5007 - USB+BT
AT532 5006
 - Communication interface USB
AT532 5007
 - Communication interface USB+BT

Adapters are delivered in software package

AT531 4032 - Adapter for H-D T531 4047 - Adapter for H-D
AT531 4032
 - Adapter H-D® (4PT)
AT531 4047
 - Adapter H-D® (6PT )



CAN disarming cable PWR  
AT531 4028
 - CAN disarming cable PWR