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Motorcycle Diagnostics – Overview

Current overview of all available tools for motorcycle diagnostics.
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Serial diagnostics

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Serial diagnostics – Hardware

  • It enables the user to perform diagnostics of electronic fuel injection modules and others (i.e. security modules, ABS etc.) throughthe diagnostic connector on the vehicle.
  • The kit contains a communication interface with the necessary adapter(s),a USB cable for connection to your laptop (or PC) and diagnostic software that is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. There is also a wireless Bluetooth version of the communication interface available.


Serial diagnostics – Software


  • Motorcycle diagnostics for model year 2019 and older

Software BMW®

Serial diagnostics – Software


  • Motorcycle diagnostics for model year 2019 and older


Serial diagnostics – Software


  • Motorcycle diagnostics for model year 2019 and older

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Parallel diagnostics

    • Parallel diagnostic equipment is designed for measuring input and output signals to and from the electronic control unit (ECU) which is typically used in modern vehicles to control engine functions.
    • Measurements can be carried out on a system that is in operation (i.e. a running engine).

Download – Overview

Download – Overview

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  • Current overview of all downloadables for motorcycle diagnostics and tuning.

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Last page update: February 27, 2019