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Parallel diagnostic equipment is designed for measuring input and output signals to and from the electroniccontrol unit (ECU) which is typically used in modern vehicles to control engine functions. However, it can alsobe used for measurements on other control units installed in vehicles. Measurements can be carried out on a system that is in operation (i.e. a running engine).

  • VOLTMETR-BOX - option
  • The VOLTMETER-BOX is an accessory unit for the DIAG4BIKE communication interface.It is a 2-channel graphicalvoltmeter which can be used for independent measurement of DC voltage within a range of 0V to +39V.



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Open prospectus
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Open prospectus
  November 30, 2017 (1.1 MB, pdf)


AT521 3037 - Breakout diagnostic box 62PT  Adapters for parallel diagnostics
AT521 3037 - Breakout diagnostic box 62PT  Adapters for parallel diagnostics